To respect increasingly scarce natural resources architectural elements within each commission should represent exemplary craftsmanship including a ‘piece for the ages’. These pieces are intrinsically valuable as the product of hundreds of hours of painstaking work by a highly skilled mason or carpenter. While we utilise machine-made items where reasonably possible to achieve more affordable results, unique pieces and craftsmanship remain the nucleus of our projects.

It has been our most rewarding experience to bring out of retirement many skilled masons, embroiderers and menuisiers by providing them with private commissions. Without this patronage these skills, traditionally passed down through the generations, are dying out.

Antique pieces are set within a contemporary framework to lend a patina of age. Nothing is so hideous as a space that appears too new, too contrived. Thus the new and old, the simple and the very intricate are moulded together to form the most harmonious living spaces.